Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today is not a snow day.

I woke up thinking I was in high school and today had the potential to be a snow day. I was excited to turn the radio on to listen for the school closings. Then I remembered that I am not in high school and that there is no snow here right now (Monday's flurries were a fluke, all the snow is gone and deep fall is back).

But realizing that there was no option for a snow day was disappointing. People talk of Daylight Savings Time as getting a free hour, but a snow day is like getting a free day. A day where you can't go anywhere (because you probably can't drive since you are in school and also so much snow) so you are forced to hang out around home. Maybe you'll get some kids together and go sledding. Hopefully, no one will hit that tree and have to go to the hospital. I used to have a dog that would love to come sledding, but then she would get cold and start to walk back home. She would start back up the hill home. Stop, look at us as if to tell us she was going back. Then she would go up towards home a little more, turn around again. Sometimes we would have to tell her "It's OK, you can go home." Then she would trot back to the house to chew the ice balls off of her feet. What an awesome dog.

No snow day today. There is no snow to make it so. I am cool with that (Ha! See that pun.)


wendy said...

even though it means the very real possibility that my three children and i could be stuck in the house together ALL DAY when snow blows in, i can't stop myself from getting excited about an impending snow day. i feel you, my friend.
wishing you snow (and thinking about that loyal dog of yours; aw!) this cold and, sadly, clear morning.

Loki-Lou said...

I love snow...well, for the most part I love snow. I don't like having to dig my car out of it, but I like watching it fall :)

Tamara Tipton said...

It almost NEVER snows her in East Texas, but when it does just a little can shut down EVERYTHING. For a few hours anyway, until the sun comes up and it all melts away. I think I would really enjoy a real snow day...

BTW, I found you through NaBloPoMo