Monday, February 21, 2011


{state the obvious here}
{I haven't blogged in a least on this blog...emoticon}

So yeah, I was doing some accidentaly cyberstalking and realized I never have filled out one of those email surveys that were forwarded around so much in the early "00's. So I am making up my own.

1. I used to drink sloe screws in college because I couldn't remember the name of any other drinks. And they were pink.

2. I am so over girls/women being obsessed with pink. There are other colors.

3. I hated baby dolls as a child.

4. I loved Barbie dolls.

5. I have had three cats in my life all large, friendly, male grey tabby cats.

6. I had a pony

7. I invented the holiday of Fiberuary which lasts the entire month of every February and increased your awareness and consumption of Fiber.

8. Yes, I know I capitalized Fiber in the last answer.

9. I have two hula-hoops and a large enough apartment to spin them in.

10. I hate pessimists

11. I think sewing is the same thing as hot gluing

12. I played an Irish Pirate for money one whole summer. 

13. My arms do that thing. You know the one.

14. I think being a bridesmaid is a competition.

15. I hate water chestnuts.

16. Currently, there is dried ice cream on my cat's tail.

17. I don't know how it go there, I don't get along with dairy.

18. Who's eating ice cream in my apartment?

19. The Ghost of Joel Coen haunts my apartment.

20. Culprit pinpointed

21. I am producing a fringe show this year for the MN Fringe Festival.

22. So far I have written the Press Release. 

23. Is this enough self-indulgence yet?

24. Not quite.

25. Fine.

26. Straight teeth

27. Grasp exceeds my reach?

28. Spaz.

29. My brother and I invented a game called Spasm Man. It was awesome.

30. So much.