Saturday, November 24, 2012

President movies that I want to make!!

Dear Avid Readers of my blog,

You all know by now that I have had the most presidential year (if not, you can catch up on that blog here.) Well, my year of presidential pageantry continues with a viewing of LINCOLN last night, featuring one of my favorite actors Daniel Day-Lewis. Even more presidential, I saw the show with the cast of 44 plays for 44 presidents, which made it even more awesome. Especially when I wanted to keep singing the Lincoln song from the play during the movie. 

So I am not going to review the movie here because HOW CAN YOU REVIEW DANIEL DAY-LEWIS? 

However, I am going to suggest that the Hollywood elves make the movie DAY-LEWIS, which would be awesome because it would be Daniel Day-Lewis' life story and then the movie would mainly be about Daniel preparing for all of his amazing roles: My Left Foot, Gangs of New York , Lincoln. There are other movies but I don't want to type them all. Also the DAY-LEWIS movie would show what Daniel does when he is not making movies which is BEING A COBBLER.

So I am waiting for that movie to exits. I'll write it.

Also I would like Daniel Day-Lewis to star in FORD. The Gerald Ford movie. Before Ford was president he was a MODEL!!!

Check it:

That's Gerald Ford on the cover of Cosmo. He was the first man ever to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine and he accidentally became president!

This will be the best movie ever. I'll write this one too.

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