Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hisotrical Donuts: Part Two

My doughnut timeline extends through my youth to sixth grade. I was not obsessed with doughnuts. I enjoyed them when they were present and when they were not life continued. Sometimes, I would even forget about doughnuts.

But in sixth grade my best friend planned a surprise birthday party for me. And like most sixth graders she told me about it before hand with the instruction to "act surprised." (This is another essay for later, I have a lot of opinions on surprise parties. Since I am head of the Department of Surprises.)

My birthday came and the not-so-surprising party arrived. I believe this was the start of my acting career, I was a very convincing surprised person. It was a wonderful party, regardless of my prior knowledge of the surprise. But what is even more wonderful than a party thrown for you by your best friend? A doughnut cake. From the Donut Hole (Which no longer exists).

Yes, a doughnut cake.

Don't imagine anything yet. Let me describe it to you.

The doughnut cake was one large fried doughnut, complete with hole and about a foot in diameter. This giant doughnut was glazed, then frosted with chocolate frosting. Got it? OK, listen up, now it gets good. The doughnut was filled with Bavarian Cream filling!!! The doughnut cake defied all rules of what a doughnut should be! It was huge! It had a hole! And cream filling!! It was novel and delicious. The doughnut cake was served by cutting slices, just like you would on a cake that had a whole in the center.

And it was real doughnut! It was cheating by imitating a cake doughnut (nothing against cake doughnuts, but that seems pretty easy to turn into a cake. BECAUSE CAKE IS ALREADY IN ITS NAME!).

I didn't even know the doughnut cake existed when it was presented at my surprise party. And what's more, it was Bavarian Cream, which previously had a reputation of being an adult doughnut flavor. But this was at a kids birthday party. Or, maybe, the presence of the Bavarian Cream meant that I was transition into an adult. This was the same home where the parents enjoyed Bavarian Cream (and swooped them out of the box at the sleepover previously as referenced here.) I was now an adult as I had a Bavarian Cream inspired doughnut presented to me.

Growing up, Doughnut Style.

This is Part Two in my multi-part Historical Donut Series.

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Kathy said...

My mouth was literally watering as soon as you started talking about the cream filling! YUM!