Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grapple Apples and ideas for more

Right now, I am eating a Grapple Apple. Are you confused as to what that is? If you are a visitor to the produce section of your grocery store, you probably are not confused. But if you are a non-fruit eater, let me explain what I know.

In the apple section of the grocery store, there's is usually a four pack of apples. On this four pack is a label, it says GRAPPLE. These are the Grapple Apples.

Buy it. Take it home.

Smell it. (I supposed you could also smell it in the store.)

Isn't the smell amazing.

Yup, it does smell like grapes. Grapple apples smell and taste like grapes. But they are apples! I know!

I don't really like apples. (Don't tell the Honeycrisp apples that, sometimes I do get into those.)

But I was feeling particularily adventurous last night beating the Thanksgiving eve-eve crowds, so I bought some Grapples.

I totally expected it to be a genetically modified food.

But it is just a normal apple. That tastes like concord grapes. (If you have never had concord grapes go now and find some they will blow your mind. [I recently discovered these this summer. {however, concord grapes have a weird ratio of seeds to size of fruit, I won't tell, you but it's the trade off of such amazing grapes.}]). 

Concord grape flavor apples? What?

Yup. That is exactly what they are. And as a non-apple eater, I was really into it. Since I was digging them so much I went to their website because I was doubtful that such feats of fruit engineering could be true.

But it is! Grapple Apples were even featured on an episode of Unwrapped. I watched the video and the grape infusing process doesn't add anything bad to the apple. It's just a grape bath!

I know some people that could be improved by a grape bath.

This fruit magic made me think of other things apples could taste like:

Beefpple: The beef flavored apple.

Crapple: The cranberry flavored apple. Great for keeping doctors away from Thanksgiving.

Lemonapple: Lemonade flavor apple. Sweet and sour, perfect for an infusion of fiber on a hot summer day.

Briepple: The Brie cheese flavored apple, for the fancy pants in you.

Pearapple: Finally the marriage between apples and pears will be complete.

Wapple: Even more water than before.

Pineapple: What? Doesn't this already exits? Nope, not like this. The infusion of pine in to apple.

Ok, world make these apples come true. Let me know if you need more ideas. I could keep going but there are three other Grapples in my fridge that I want to eat before I go to work.

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Purple Dreamer said...

All sounds good... maybe add a chocapple? Then I'd never need to eat anything but apples again! Fun post!