Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chicago-venture Spring 2012

I just got back from the Chicago Improv Festival and boy are my arms tired. 

Well, that joke was poorly rendered. 

But look at this:
Minny stands for Minneapolis
Yup, that is my improv team Last Action Movie on the schedule at the Chicago Improv Festival. That means it is real.

Also look at this:
Not first class

Did you know that airline seats did this? I didn't, but I wish i had to cradle my head instead of jamming into the crook of the window to sleep. However, my return flight did not have this type of headset. So there's that. 

Chicago offered upon to us other wonders like Hot Doug's, the sausage superstore and encased meat emporium. 
This was worth the hour plus wait outside in slightly cold rain. I ate the Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Fleur de Sel. It was something else! Michael had the one that was made of rattlesnake. Yup, RATTLESNAKE! My biggest fear next to knocking all of my teeth out. I ate the smallest bite of the rattlesnake sausage. Which my nervousness was odd, because I consider myself an adventurous eater, but rattlesnakes have haunted my dreams and my life for 25+ years. So I ate it. I kept thinking about snakes. I don't like thinking about snakes. 

But then I was thinking. Am I afraid because I am one of the

Do I need to be more like the 

You see what I did there right? To show you the restroom signs? Funny, right? Come on tell me it is funny! Well, if you don't think it's funny. Fine, comedy is subjective, so yeah.

Friday, May 4, 2012

How to write a play

These are mermaids not Merblades, 
there is a difference but you'll 
have to see the show to know.
Welcome back! How about that? 

So I am in the MN Fringe Festival again and I am super excited. The show I am creating is called Merblades: Memoirs of a James Cameron. And it is just as awesome as it sounds. 

But I am not here to plug my fringe show just yet (but I will soon). 

I am here to tell you how to write the first draft of a play. This is the method I used last night to kick out the first draft of Merblades. 

1. Have a mild dairy intolerance. 

2. Buy two quarts of Breyer's Ice Cream (Oreo and Reese's Peanut butter cup)

3. Put lots of ice cream in a bowl. Eat it.

4. Start writing your play. Keep eating and writing. Let the fear of stomach revenge at every bite race the words across the screen. The more you write the less your stomach will kill you. (not a medical fact)

5. Eat until 2/3 of a quart of ice cream (collectively from both quarts)

6. Congratulations! You have the first draft of your play! 

You are welcome.