Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Converstation with the Chicken that broke my iPhone

Heather: Hi, here with me today is this chicken who broke my iPhone
Chicken: Actually, I didn’t break your phone. You’re phone is not broken.

Heather: Two things, Chicken. Yes and Yes.

Chicken: What?

Heather: You know what I mean

Chicken: Nope.

Heather: Yes you do.

Chicken: No I don’t.

Heather: yes you broke my phone and yes you did it, Birdbrain

Chicken: Well, Over-entitled-Top-of-the-food-chainer, to make it clear, your phone is not broken merely the screen is cracked and I never touched it.

Heather: Your soul touched it.

Chicken: False.

Heather: Yeah-huh, when I took your photo your soul flew out of you and was captured in my phone. That sudden intact of cosmic energy from your visage into my tiny handheld texting device caused it to fall out of my hand on to the cement.

Chicken: That’s not how cameras work

Heather: Maybe, chicken, maybe.