Monday, November 12, 2012

The Wednesday of Winter

I woke up to snow this morning. It was a surprise, last night it was chilly and the day before it was 70 degrees. I also woke up to a broken dish in my kitchen, but that was not a surprise, I heard my cat break it in the middle of the night. Now, there is snow on the ground and snow falling from the ceiling of the earth: the sky. The snow is falling horizontally, like bullets of fluffy ice. Man, it is coming down fast, like rain, no time for floaty romantic snow this morning. I wonder where my winter coat is? I'll have to dig that out. And the boots. I am OK with this things, I am just not a fan of being cold. I know, the next questions is Why do I live in Minnesota?" Well, I just do, OK? 

So it looks like this is the beginning of winter. 

Last winter I became pretty obsessed with saying the phrase “the Wednesday of winter."

What is the Wednesday of Winter, you ask? Well, it is January. January is the Wednesday of winter. Because it is the middle of winter.

Which make today the Monday of winter! How appropriate because it is Monday today too! And the first snow fall! Weather wins this year! (But not really, weather won last year when we didn't get any snow at all, it was the best ever.)

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