Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Credit Card Fraud

What would you buy on iTunes for $107.76? That's a hard one, isn't it? That one hundred and seven dollars and seventy-six cents. That is a lot of money for intangible things like, anything off of iTunes.

The most I have ever spent was on the most recent released season of Breaking Bad. I bought this because I am too impatient for it to be released on Netflix, but even that cost just $21.99. And that was in September.

In July, I spend ten dollars on iTunes purchasing music for my 2012 MN Fringe show, Merblades: Memoirs of a James Cameron. The irony with that is, of the five sound cues in the show, all of them were the same song (My Heart Will Go On). My pre and post show music was pretty amazing though.

So that is $31.99 that I had spent on iTunes for all of 2012. Why then, did I have a charge on my credit card for $107.76 from iTunes. I wondered maybe I had a media buying binge one evening. I searched through my shallow iTunes on my computer and found nothing worth that much money. One could priced out every single music or TV show I have on iTunes and the whole total would not come out to be more that $107.76. Unless, of course, you are pricing my original homemade videos at their correct price: priceless. But I assume you are not because Bryan Cranston doesn't star in them.

Even more curious, I didn't have a receipt in my email from iTunes, graciously thanking me for spending a Benjamin and some change with them.

$107.76. There is only one explanation for this.

My cat has learned to use the internet. It could see this coming for a long time now. I would find cat hair in between the keyboard. On more than one occasion, I would share my lap with my large tabby cat and my laptop computer. In these intimate lap sessions, I knew my cat was paying attention to the computer. I could tell he was trying to act all nonchalant and cat like, but he ended up be just chalant enough for me to figure it all out.

When I got to work, my cat gets on the internet and orders hundreds of dollars of things on the internet. The explanation of this lack of new media in my dusty iTunes accounts can only mean that my cat as a separate iSomething device that he downloads his music and movies too. And he must also have a separate email account that the receipts are sent to. I am living with a thief and a hacker! He must be stopped. Do they have feline controls for the internet?

At least, I figured out who's being using my credit card: my cat.


Yes, yes it was. Fortunately, I only thought that for like a minute, then I called my credit card company and shut down my card.

So, yup. My credit card info was stolen and used to buy crap on iTunes. At least, I can hope that they bought some good stuff.

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