Friday, June 24, 2011

Fringe Friday #6: Dick Happens

Not even in real rehearsals yet and Your Responsibility for Sex Failure has drama! Offstage drama that is. we have mama drama. 

Remember last week, when I gushed about our super sweet postcards designed by Mary Certain who is also the other have of Vintage Remix, producers of this show?

Those postcards are awesome, right?

Sexy, right?

Campy, right?

Doctory, right?

It's 1964, right?


We've been sharing our postcards with the world like the sexiest kind of disease. Everyone was happy to be infect with this itch until I got this text from Mary.

Mary: The postcards offended my mom.

Heather: Is that a good or bad thing?

Then Mary sent me this email with the whole story:

I talked to my mom today to wish her happy birthday. She was okay with 
that. Then she said she had to "ask me questions" and said how offended 
she was about the postcards. She didn't have a problem with them on Sunday 
when I gave them to her or when I saw her again later in the day, but whatever. 
Then she grilled me on how she hoped I wasn't working on them at work, 
given that they were so offensive. I assured her that I had work to do at 
work and wouldn't dream of abusing that. So I was confused but said, 
"Well, you don't have to come to the show." She said she felt like she would 
probably still come to the show, being my mom, but she hoped it wasn't 
going to be very offensive. Then she said she "didn't notice at first, but 
was very upset when she noticed later." I asked her whether she was 
looking at the same postcards I was and what on earth she was talking about. She 
explained that she noticed that the woman is pointing with a penis. "With 
that crease, it's so graphic." Heather, my mom thinks Deb has a penis for a finger. I informed her that she was mistaken. Now I kind of can't wait to introduce them. And show her Deb's penis in real life. So apparently my mom is a pervert. 
I'd say yes, it's good to offend her. 


This is the best story in the whole world. Don't even try to top it. This story is the best.  And now our postcards are like collector's items like the whole Dog/Penis/Leg Debacle of the 2007 IKEA catalog!

Here's the offensive postcard. See if you can find the penis finger!!

Get your finger wang postcard before it's too late!

*Vintage Remix is not responsible for offending people with actual penis fingers, sorry Edward Penishands.

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure 
MN Fringe Festival
Minneapolis Theatre Garage
Aug 4-14, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm so pretty I should be on a podcast

I've declared this summer The Summer of Being Famous.

So of course, I am on a podcast. (I totally misspelled that podcats, which would also be awesome).

I didn't have to do anything especially famousy to be on this podcast, in fact all I had to do was submit my name and phone number to a stranger.

And the result.....

The Better Strangers Podcast hosted by Aric McKeown.

The premise of the podcast is "Socially awkward podcast host Aric McKeown explores his very elementary grasp on the art of conversation with complete strangers." 

The combination of this premise and my own spaz-tastic awkwardness makes for one one-of-a-kind conversation. 

Aric and I had never met, and still have never met but we talked and talked about almost everything, and by everything we mean goats, assumptions and other stuff. 

If you can make it to the 30 minute mark, I think that is where the goat fighting story is.

And you find out how much I hate Tyler. What a jerk. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fringe Friday #5: Promo Bonanza plus a little song

You know the words, sing with me.

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred postcards, that's how you promote, promote your show. With press releases, Twitter feeds, and Facebook pages. That's how you promote, promote your show."

You know it, Your Responsibility for Sex Failure by Heather Meyer (me!) and Mary Certain has promotional postcards. Like a million of them. 

Ok, not a million but more than 50. 

Postcards! It's a real thing! They are so shiny. Like someone made them. For real. 

Because someone did! Mary Certain designed the cards with her graphic design ninja skills. And that sexy photo? That was taken by the talented Joey Ford! 

Look at all that important info! Save the date! Save it! You don't want to waste that date. Or let that date be killed because you didn't save it, just like the whales.


Now to avoid getting paper cuts.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fringe Friday #4: The Beginning

Heather and Mary are friends. Mary moved into a house. Heather did not. Mary found a stash of 30 1960's women's magazines in the closet of her new home. Heather did not. Mary shared her cultural archaeological find with with her friends. Everyone laughed and then Heather said, "That is a fringe show." 


Lottery ball goes in. Lottery ball comes out. 

Now, Mary and Heather made a fringe show.

The magazine that started it all:

And the article:

Sexy. Campy. Doctory. It's 1964.

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure
Created by Heather Meyer and Mary Certain
Coming to a Minnesota Fringe Festival near you
August 4-14, 2011
Minneapolis Theatre Garage

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fringe Friday #3: Blonde Bombshell

 Your Responsibility for Sex Failure
Produced by Vintage Remix as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Performances at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage August 4-14, 2011. Be there.

Fringe Friday #3.  A wig came in the mail today. A blonde wig. Of course, I immediately put it on. And then dressed up like Betty Draper. If you squint enough, the look works. Good thing as part of the show we are going to have the entire audience have their eyes dilated as part of the opening. It's art, who's going to argue with that?

I just lied there, we aren't going to dilated the audience's eyes. Not with chemicals. Though, I can't say that the audience won't get dilated from arousal from a such a sexy show (or such a sexy show about sex failure). eye dilation is a sign of arousal. I learned that in Junior High. 

I don't even know what character or actor is wearing this wig in the show. I just know that this wig is in the show. 

Anyway, here's what you are waiting for:

I can't show you the whole look because that would ruin the surprise. 

I lied again. 

I can't show you the whole look because my arms are only so long to take photos of myself.    

But if you look really close you can see my attempts to lighten up the color of my eyebrows.

Sorry for all the lying, instead look at theses articles.

Yeah, this show is going to be something. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flashback! Feb 2010

I went on a cruise with my family over a year ago.

That is almost all that needs to be said, but I have pictures! They were taken by my mom with her digital camera and then she send the prints to me (so I have to scan them in, but one step at a time). And I am lazy.

But here's a teaser!

Port of Entry: New Orleans; Cafe Du Monde

Here is me and my brother (notice his Vince Vaughn/Norm MacDonald resemblance). I look like an angry city woman with my sugar mountain beignets.

While in the French Quarter, I realized I could use my Theatre degree to spray paint myself silver and pose near an also spray painted boombox for change (jingle change, not Obama change).

Yeah, you have to tilt your head.