Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer of bring Famous: Famous People I know

2011 is the summer of being famous. And who is more famous than my friends? No one!

Here is Brian and Brooke on their home makeover show!

Here is more of Brooke on the same show:

Famous. I know them.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to take good pictures: A satire

Don't worry aspiring photographers. There are ten easy rules to taking great pictures. 

I also found a bunch of photos I took, please be impressed with my skills.


Rules to taking good photos:

1. Take a photo of something really close up. Make sure it is in focus. If it is not in focus then...

Ooh! A close-up of a cut red pepper!
 Doesn't it look like lady parts?
2. Make it black and white. Black and white can turn any crappy photo into a magical metaphor image things.

3. Take a photo of shoes. This is especially important if you want to be a wedding photographer. Shoes equal love and togetherness and family.

4. Take a photo with some type of reflection in a mirror. The mirror can be anything a silver goblet, car mirror, gold tooth.

5. Hands. Any photo of hands is going to win you a Noble Peace Prize for Science. They are that good.

6. Don't forget to take a picture of shoes. Wedding shoes, solider shoes, baby shoes, horseshoes, cement shoes.

Shoes on vacation!
7. Put a fancy something next to a ugly dirty something. Goes better together than chocolate and peanut butter and hay.

8. Have someone jump. Even if they are a mermaid. Especailly if they are a mermaid. People love photos of jumping. Because people never jump in real life.

9. Find a pregnant lady. Make her show you her belly. Put her in any situation (climbing a tree, smelling a brand new car). Take a picture of that.

10. Cats. There never are too many cat photos.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Putting 2011 Fringe to Rest or My show kicked ass

There I am selling Evening Foam.
Official fringe wrap-up and moving on.

I saw 18 shows. That is one more than last year. Good work for me.

By the numbers:

Saw 18 shows
Usher for 6 shows
Performed 6 times

Those are the biggest numbers for my fringing yet. Good work me. Next year, I will try to see twenty shows.

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure also won an encore slot! What's the encore slot, you ask? Well, an encore slot is awarded to the top-selling show of each venue. So We were the top selling show of the Theatre Garage so we got a bonus sixth performance! That was awesome. I am so thankful for everyone who came and helped make that happen.

What else? Metro Magazine wrote a wonderful review of the show! FringeFamous reviewed us too. Sure, they didn’t care too much for the show but it’s a step up from last year when they landed my "On the bottom on the waitlist with no chance of getting the fringe" show as number 2 on the worst titles of the 2010 Fringe.

Looks like I am moving up in the world.

We also go 38 audience reviews! That is 38 people who thought about my show enough later to log on to the internet to share their thoughts about it! That is amazing! Rockstars! 

So what do I do now, after fringe the world keeps asking me? I think I want to buy a Crock Pot. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fringe for real: A simple listing

Fringe is happening. All over my face. 

I have seen 11 shows so far and Sex Failure has had two performances. I am really proud of the cast and crew of Your Responsibility for Sex Failure and I am so proud of the audience too. They are handsome. It seems like everyone is having fun, and that is our whole deal. Come hang out with us and have fun times. Three more perfromances. Click here. to buy tickets. The press has been very generous to us. Thank you Metro Mag, MSP/ST. Paul Mag and all the audience reviews and Tweets! I am blown away by the encouragement.

These are the shows I saw in the order I saw them:

Comedy=Tragedy+Someone Else
I'm Totally President
Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs
Our Freaking Kids Show
Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee
Death Perception
Hauser Dance Unraveled
Anglina is a Zionist Whore or Plan 9 from Baghdad

If you want to know my opinion of these shows, you shall buy me a drink or a sandwich. Because I liked talking to people in person. You should talk to me in a person way. However, I will tell you that none of these shows sucked. So go check them out.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fringe Friday #11: It's totally Fringe

Friday Friday #11: It totally fringe.

I missed posting last Friday because I was in a wedding in North Dakota. A different kind of madness.

But today is the first day of fringe. It is happening. There is no stopping it. We at Your Responsibility for Sex Failure wish every one a Merry Christmas. I mean, Jolly Good Fringe Times.

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure opens tomorrow at 7pm at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage. On Lyndale and Franklin. Across the street from Rudoph's, in Uptown, where moto-i as Fringe Central is. You have no excuse not to go.

Look at this: Show Trailer!

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure (Trailer) from Amber Johnson on Vimeo.

Did you already see this:

Our Fringe-for-All Preview!

See you later!