Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yeah! I go in fits and spurts, huh?
Well, look at this. Blog. Yeah, what of it?
So I went to the Arboretum last weekend. Romatic Christmas Gingerbread houses, villages and industries. And there was a choir of high school kids.
Dressed as Victorian Bonnet Wearers and Top Hats (I don't know what I capatilized that, it seemed like a good idea at the time.)
Well, these Dickens' dwellers (was that Victorian?) were singing "Slow Rocking Christmas," which seems like a doo-wop song.
I'll be back

Monday, December 14, 2009


I do look like Hilary Swank sometimes. Like right now. And Hilary in Boys Don't Cry.

Good to know.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Don't put yourself on that shelf just yet Mom

You may be 67 but that doesn't mean you have to be 97. 

My mom thinks she's old. She's not old, I mean she's old but not old. But she thinks she is.

It's because she's bored.

She thinks she's old. Which then if she thinks she's 97 years old she thinks I am 55 years old. 

I am not. 

She needs things to do other than puzzles and walking her full-time dog. (and yes, it is a full time dog). Her other hobbies is talking about all the trips she wants to take but doesn't have anyone to go traveling with. Like this Alaska cruise that she has been talking abotu for years, years, YEARS! But won't go on. She doesn't want to go alone. I told her there are travel groups she could join, or even start a group. But instead more talk of all the people that can't go because of whatever reasons.

For Christmas I am getting her a membership to The Women's Travel Club which is for women of all ages and martial statuses, caters to singles and actaully does stuff. For $39 she can sign up for all these trips and tours and also have a membership in Club ABC tours which is larger and more men involved, I guess. But even if she doesn't use it, she will see that there are things that she is looking for out there.

And I know I can tell the internet what I am getting for my mom for Christmas because she doesn't know how to do the internet. 

I know the next question is, "then how will she know how to use the WTC website" I will show her!!!!!! And if I bought the membership she will use it because she wouldn't want the money to go to waste.

Ha-ha! I can feel her getting younger by the minute!