Monday, November 5, 2012


I sprained my foot last night in rehearsal. It's a mild sprain, but the foot is making in apparent that it isn't feeling tip top shape.

It happened during rehearsal for 44 Plays for 44 Presidents. I was moving from the Rutherford B. Haryes play into the James Garfield play. I had to put my lemonade tray down (becuase Mrs. Hayes was a tee-totaler) and dash to center stage to play President Garfield. Well, my foot missed the step and twisted my ankle in the rise of the stair and smashed my knee into the floor. Ouch. It really hurt, also I had that frozen moment where I felt my foot twist. So I had a moment on the floor, we stopped the run-thru. I am able to walk, but I didn't do my dancing. (Which is a lot more that you expect. Garfield, Cleveland, Nixon are all dances that I do). Doctor Director Carin helped me with some ice.
And I remembered teh RICE method.

E-Eating (really, it's elevation, but I changed it)

I am going to be OK and the show is going to be good. 

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