Saturday, November 3, 2012

I wanted to love this place

I don't want to write this post. I don't want to. This is uncharactristic of me. But I am sure there is some quote somewhere that says 'Do what is not you, therefore to become you." If that quote doesn't exist yet, there you go. I just made it.

Why am I so reluctant to write this post?


And yes, I am going to name names.

Primebar in Calhoun Square in Uptown Minneapolis. Don't bother going there, the same food can be had at Quizno's for better quality and cheaper prices.

The services was embarrassing. Twice the service was rude and condescending. And then our server was offended that folks didn't want to take thier leftovers home. Awkwardly, he asked if it was becasue they didn't like them. Which he would have know had he done the customay "how are things going" check in after the food arrived. He also belitted me for ordering the beer that was RECOMMENDED on the menu to accompany the prime rib sandwich I ordered.

I am not old. But holy crap that place is dark.

I know this restaurant is new and it is clear that they are emplying first time servers and hostess. I support that, I appreicieate the fact that they are taking chances on early career service industry folks. (This is a backhanded insult, I don't know if they are new or not, this is an innocent version of me giving them the benefit of the doubt.) I've worked (and some can argue that I still work) in the service industry, and it is hard, demanding, and exahusting to always have that fake smile on your face. However, direct rudeness is not OK.

But a good thing came out of the evening, I know I never need to go back to Primebar. Which is a good thing because I live one block away from Calhoun Square so it makes my myriad of Uptown dining options smaller. Yay! I can give my money to a restaurant that has better food and nicer servers.

So take that Primebar. I am never eating at you again and I hope my legions of blog readers do the same.

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