Tuesday, April 28, 2009

woo t?


Where did that come from?

Woot-a joyful sound, like hooray, but a word.

I had never heard "woot" until about a year ago. Is it from somewhere? Is it new? I always thought it was the word "woo."
Woo-derived from woo-hoo a celebratory cry.

Like, "Woooooooooo!" we won the Superbowl, or something like that. Now I hear woot. And not from an isolate group but across all people I meet. Have people always been saying 'woot?' Did I just never hear the 't' and the end? I even see it typed. Is is recent as I have been noticing? Or is an ancient word of expressed delight?

Why had I never heard before last year? Now it surrounds me. Is it from some TV or movie? Or has it always been woot?

Has it always been woot?


Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Aliments

Why does my ear hurt? I just woke up, I couldn't have done something to it in the 15 minutes I have been awake. How does packing chicken salad for lunch hurt my ear? Or making weak single cups of Powerade? Why does my ear hurt.

Is that a spider bite on my leg? Did a five-fanged spider bite my side-upper calf? Was it a tarantula? A huge sneaky tarantula? Shouldn't it itch? It doesn't itch. Where are my super powers?

My gum hurts. I flossed why does it hurt? It feels like it is sandwiches between my molars, like fingers in a door. I flossed, what more does it need? Poking? Does it need poking? More floss? Does it want more floss?