Saturday, November 10, 2012

I try to talk about Skyfall but end up arguing with myself.

I really want to talk about the James Bond movie. Skyfall? Have you heard of it? No? Well, that's the newest James Bond movie. Staring Daniel Craig? Daniel Craig. Craig. Yes, he has two first names. No, Craig is his last name. I don't know what his middle name is. Maybe it is Craig. I don't know if that is a stage name. Google it yourself. No I am not going to Google it for you. Your google works just as well as mine. I don't care if it is a real name or a stage one. I don't need to know. My blog is not wiki-pedia. So go ahead if you are going to make a big deal about it. Google away. I'll wait. Geez, you always have to be right. Ok? Did you do it? So? What do you mean, what do I mean by so? So, what's the answer? Oh, and now you are not going to tell me? Come on, you just went through all that work to Google the answer and you are not going to tell me?

So then I am going to continue to assume that Daniel Craig is his name. That he was born to Donny and Sigfriedette Craig on March 4 1965.

What do you mean? Are you sure those are facts? I just said my blog is not wiki-pedia.

This has nothing to do with Skyfall. Which is the first Bond movie I have seen in a long time and the first one that I have seen with Daniel Craig in it. Remember when Pierce Brosnon was James Bond? I only think of him as the new step dad in Mrs. Doubtfire.

 So Skyfall. Yeah. I liked it. And I don't care is Daniel Craig isn't his real name. Which it might be.

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Loki-Lou said...

I haven't seen "Skyfall" yet...but the other night I did watch "Casino Royale" (and may have spent my time whinging about how there was too little Tobias Menzies)...this was my first EVER Bond film. I think "Skyfall" will have to be my second.

(Also - Hi from a fellow NaBloPoMo blogger!)