Thursday, July 5, 2012

Going to Paris

I leave for Paris in 13 days. I am not ready. I mean I am ready, but I am not packed or whatnot. 

I am really hung up on shoes. People say I need great walking shoes. People says they need to look good.

I am the people being referred to in the above sentence. 

This is what I imagine everyone in Paris looks like:

How am I suppose to accomplish that? Look at those shoes? Where are her pants? I don't have time to sew random crap on to a pair of black opera gloves!

Someone tell me what shoes to get. 

I am cheating on you.

Dear Culture of Doing Things,

I am cheating on you. I still love you. In fact, I am cheating on you because I love you. You are making me cheat on you. It is your fault blog I love so much.

You keep asking where all the Minnesota Fringe Festival posts are. You know I am doing a fringe show because I posted about it on this post. I shouldn't have told you that. It's hard to keep all my web outlets a secret from each other. So you found out. I am sorry Culture of Doing Things that this had to happen this way.

I've been spending a lot of time at I know, don't scream at me. You are a blog. Yes, Merblades: Memoirs of a James Cameron got it's own webpage. Don't be jealous, you are still important to me. I just have been giving attention to this new relationship, the one with the metal mermaids. You can't fault me for branching out. Look, Culture of Doing Things, we've been together for a long time, and I do not see that changing. I just don't know if I am the type of girl to settle down with one web domain. You have to understand that, right? You've known about for a long time now with no problem. Yes, that website has a link to this blog, but so does Merblades. STOP FREAKING OUT, I know Merblades as a whole tab and you have a buried link on the about page.

Culture of Doing Things, you are going to have to get a grip on your needinss. Did you ever stop to think that your neediness is the reason I had to go create, anyway? That maybe your general interest stories and minimal use of spell check wouldn't be a good fit for my sophomore fringe show? Maybe this is all your fault Culture of Doing Things. Maybe you should be apologizing to me.

Stop hurting me blog, I only do it because I love you.