Friday, November 23, 2012

The Turkey Trot 5k!

Some times you just have to run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.

And when I say "Sometimes you have to run" I mean, sometimes you have to dress up in a tu-tu and trot slowly around downtown Minneapolis on Thanksgiving morning.

Which is what I did:

The Turkey Trot is super fun. And is a franchise race (I don't know if that is the a real term, but I am too lazy to really look it up.) so there are lots of them in lots of places in lots of areas of the country. This one was sponsored by Lifetime Fitness. Which I am not a member of, but I still got to trot in their turkey race, along with 20,000 other trotters.

But let's stop talking about that and let's start talking about my tu-tu. The tu-tu's were Brooke's idea, well she texted me and said she was going to make a turkey tu-tu for the run and I texted back "I already have one." Because I do, during my time as a burlesque performer, I do a number involving a brownish colorful tu-tu and ta-da, the perfect tu-tu for the Turkey Trot.

Instagram makes everything better, much like cream cheese.
Our tu-tus were a huge hit amongst the trotters, many of whom were wearing pilgrim outfits, turkey hats and some anachronistic costumes like Godzilla and Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2. There were a number of other trotters in tu-tus but none as colorful and full of body as mine (I am pretty much a professional tutu maker, the largest one I have hardly fits into a giant IKEA, I have to stomp it in.).

I very much enjoyed seeing all the dogs that had signed up for the 5K and I liked it even more when the dogs were in costume. One family had a great look going where to two adults were dressed as pilgrims and there dog was the turkey! Well done!

At the end of the race is almost a party; hot coca, fruit, yogurt, candy, free stuff from various vendors and the general feeling of looking forward to the Thanksgiving meal and knowing that you already burned a lot of calories today and you really can be a couch potato all day and feel accomplished because you did the Turkey Trot.

This was my first year taking part in this event, I do want to do it again, however, this is Minnesota. Yesterday was and awesome 60 degrees for trotting, some Thankgivings are less that than in temperature-wise, but it is only 5K and it is super fun.

So, we'll see if I am up for it next year. It will depend on the weather, not my ability to make a tu-tu that simulates feathers.

Heather out.

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