Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Post Not About What You Think

Using the most sophisitcated of statistics 120% of all tweets, Facebook posts and blogs today will be about Thanksgiving.

Today, is also the world championship match of food status updates and tweets. I'll probably tweet about that later.

But I (at least on this blog) will not be bringing you any Thanksgiving tips or turkey tricks. Or how to convince your Uncle Henry to stop slapping the wall. Nor will I tell you that black olives are the best part of Thanksgiving and putting them on the tips of your fingers is indeed the proper way to eat them. I will not share with you my family's tradition of lighting a bayberry candle (Wait, that is Christmas.) I am not going to point out that I think we should eat stuffing every single day of the year, and why should something so delicious be eaten only once a year and why doesn't someone open a stuffing only restaurant in Minneapolis? I am not going to post about how I am or am not participating in Black Friday. Nor will I go into detail about former career in retail. I am not going to talk about pilgrims. At least, not today.

Instead, I bring you a memory of last year's Thanksgiving:

The terrible, horrible, frightening, yet alluring pig squirrel of Loring Park in Minneapolis.


What is this creature?????

Happy Thanksgiving.

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