Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just another face for radio.

They let me be on the radio again.

They being Theatre Pro Rata. They also meaning the Mike and Madde show on MyTalk 107.1.

Here's proof. The link that will change your life!

Kelsey Cramer and I got to talk about 44 Plays for 44 Presidents! It is having a remount on election night! Woo! We did the show this summer and as part of the Plays for Presidents Festival, Theatre Pro Rata is remounting in on Tuesday. It is going to break a world record of most shows happening at the same time. Or something like that. You can find a production of 44 Plays for 44 Presidents near you at

The play is an awesome retrospective of all 44 presidents. Each president gets a two minute play.  (Cleveland gets two plays). There is singing, dancing, emoting, rapping, jump rope, guns, death, family, laughter and historical figures!

There will also be real-time election results during the show, so you can reflect on the past and witness the future of the presidency at the same time!

It is going to be amazing.

I am excited about the show on Tuesday, but I am a little sad too. This is a super fun show to be a part of. And when I think about it, the show has been in my life for over a year. I became obsessed with the play last summer wtih Theatre Pro Rata announced their 2012 season. Then I auditioned for the show in March and did the first run in July, and now the remount. It will be a moment to reflect it's completion.

And then on to the next thing!

Which I will blog about tomorrow.

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