Saturday, December 3, 2011

New favorite things and places to find me on the internet and real life

I have a lot of new favorite things right now. The least of which has been blogging. Don't you find it weird that when a neglected blog is updated that the blogger feels obligated to acknowledge or even apologize for their absence? Like I am doing right now.

Clearly, I have be so busy doing all of my new favorite things that I couldn't possible be expected to remember to blog all my delicate important observance into internet form. I mean I can't even muster up the energy (or confidence) to make a Facebook status update. (though Twitter that is another story, I am convinced I am pretty anonymous on Twitter so it takes less energy. And people talk less about food on there. So it is mildly more entertaining.)

Back on track here, new favorite things. Here they are:

This is the premiere collection of sad playwrights in the world. If you need a play written, you need a sad playwright. Go there. Find a sad one. Create art. I even have a profile, even though the only sad I really ever am is occasionally a Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferer, but I can still be brooding. 

Off-Book at HUGE Improv Theater  produced by Emily Schmidt

This show is so much fun and I see a lot of shows. It is the perfect combination of scripted and improv combining an improviser with an actor who has memorized one half of a script. And then they perform the scene. It is like the short form improv game "blind line" but one step further. Get your tickets early, it has been selling out and Huge sells beers too! The show runs Saturdays at 8pm until January 7 and clear your life for December 17th because that is when I perform. 

Collections of comedic memoir essay books that make a passing reference to Alan Rickman

I read two books these week. Free Fire Zone by Teresa Rebeck and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling and both of these awesome books make a super tiny reference to Alan Rickman! 
Note to self: When I write my book of comedic memoir essay make a tiny reference to Alan Rickman.
Note to everyone else: Don't be intimidated, I know by writing that I read two books this week makes me sound like a powerhouse of literature, but really I finished one book this week and then immediately started the other, I am not a machine I have improv shows to spaz out in.  

Pretending I am a doctor

Imagine a paper cut, then replace the paper with a 1/4 inch think plane of straight glass and that is what is one my thumb. I cut it on Thursday. There was a lot of blood. I covered it with three bandages and ate some figs hoping that would fix everything. It is pretty deep, maybe it needed stitches but maybe not. So now I am doing a lot of doctoring with butterfly bandages, iodine and thumb immobilization. It looks like it is working. It is pretty fun taking care of my wounded thumb, this must be what it's like to have a child. I hope my thumb gets into a good college. 

Delayed Winter

As I write this the first 'real' snowfall is happening in Minneapolis. By 'real' I mean a snowfall that will possibly hang around until March. We had a brief ice storm a few weeks ago but it melted away. But up until today, it was like summer all the time. I don't even know where my snow pants are yet! It has been really, really wonderful. And has put everyone in a great mood. This snow still could melt, I think it might. I also believe winter is over on March 1st because of physics. 

There you go, my new favorite things!