Monday, December 17, 2012

United Sandwich Alliance and other USA things

For being a country that really likes to win things. I've always thought we kind of lost at the country name game.

The United States of America. That is such a specific, boring name. Unless specificity is our thing, but I don't think it is.

Our name is a whole sentence. The subject=States, the verb=of, the predicate=America. What kind of states?=united ones.

The really cool names of countries are one word, like the really big celebrities: Madonna, Beyonce, Prince, Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Russia. These names are mysterious, exciting, tempting.

The United States of America....that hides nothing. It describes our country, rather than name it.


Yup, that's one word. But even then it is an acronym, not a real word. And our name doesn't even have to be a real word, that is what cool about other country names. Canada, Ecuador, India. Those names only mean those countries. USA could stand for anything.

Underwear Station Arrival. Universal Sand Apple. Ubiquitous Solutions Association. Undue Sappy Atoms. Urging Several Alligators.

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