Sunday, December 9, 2012

Minneapolis Superhero Sighting

Dear Helpful Strangers of Dec 2012 and what I expect to be early 2013,

Thank you for helping push out my car. I didn't expect you to show up out of nowhere. But then, I saw you walk over, away from your cute girlfriend holding a Pizza Luce box to help me. That is how I knew you were a superhero. No mere mortal has the willpower to resist an adorable one holding a pizza. You are powerful indeed. I could tell by your willingness to assist me, a stranger, free her car from the show, that you are a member of the most secret and exclusive superhero alliance in all of human history: The Alliance of Snow Strangers. Your kind comes in many forms; women, men, children, bundled up unidentifiable creatures on two legs, dudes in boots, ladies in flats, people without mittens, parents with kids in tow, dog-walkers.

You always arrive right when you are needed, as if all cars are equipped with a bat signal that turns on when the wheels start spinning in the snow drift. You give it a push with no judgement. You know that snow is beyond our control and blaming someone for getting stuck does nothing to get them unstuck. Thank you for jumping in with clear directions, a willingness to wield a shovel and only needing a sincere thank you before you return to your alter ego as regular guy going to eat pizza with your girlfriend (Sir, I am sure she was super turned on by your willingness to help a stranger.)

With a city less enthused about the appearance of snow, the sightings of your kind warms the winter air. You give us hope that our city will one day be free from the shackles of dense winter snow. One day, we hope to no longer be terrorized by streets frozen by the evil sub-zero temperatures. But until that day comes, we have you, Alliance of Snow Strangers, to help us fight back.

Thank you Alliance of Snow Strangers for protecting our fair city.

Much gratitude,

Car driving Minneapolis Citizens

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