Sunday, December 16, 2012



I have seen 92 shows in 2012. My goal is to see 100. By this evening, I will be at 93.

Will I make it to 100? Probably. At least I think so. I'll be home for Christmas, so I doubt there will be any plays happening in the wilds of ND. But I have a plan to see another this week before I go. Which means I will have to see 6 the last week of December. Hmmm.....can I do it? I know HUGE Improv Theater has three shows for $10 on Friday and Saturday night, so that can help out. Plus there still are some holiday shows I want to see, like The Danger Committee's We Three Kings: Stocking Full of Awesome II. So I am confident I can do long as I remain viligant.

This whole goal started in 2011, when I wrote down every show I went to just to see how many I see in year. Or at least, how many I saw in 2011. The total was 75. I had seen 75 live performances of plays, improv or music. That is when I made the goal to see 100 in 2012. At that time, 100 seemed really daunting. In January of 2012, I saw 4 shows. That wasn't the most exciting start. But in August, I saw 25 shows because of the fringe festival.

Will I get to 100 by December 31? I am going to try. But my rule is I only want to see shows that I am interested in seeing, not seeing a show just to reach my goal number.

Also, I am allowed to break any of my rules at any time. Because 92 is still a pretty good number.

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