Saturday, December 1, 2012

Special Annoucenment! (Because I am too lazy to write a real post today)

A break from the doughnut essays!

But do not fear, there are more life moments about donuts to come. Wait, until you hear about the donut I ate today (I ate it especially for you!).

My special announcement is I completed NABLOPOMO for November 2012. I wrote every day on my blog that I sometimes ignore for months on end to end. Woo! Give me a prize! Oh, wait? The prize was the doughnut you ate this morning? Well, that was a pretty good prize.

I have decided to continue blog posting everyday until the end of 2012! (I will post in 2013 as well, but I am not making the everyday claim for least not yet.)! Yay! My apologize for the noise of a thousand vocal cords snapping due to the cheers of joy at this announcement.

For you, devoted reader, I will privide this self promotion:

BNW Holiday Mixtape 2012 opens this Friday! The show runs Dec 7- Dec 22! Six shows only! Check it out! Buy your tickets now to avoid the disappointment of driving to the theatre, parking, locking your car, double checking that you locked your car, walking to the theatre, waiting in line, fantasizing about that beer you want to buy from a cute bartender, approaching the box office and then finding out that the show is sold out! Lame! Now you are embarrassed and your date thinks that you are a liar and unreliable. So plan ahead, lame-o.

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