Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Love Lesson from Gollum

The Hobbit Movie is coming out. 

Which made me reflect of the Lord of the Rings movies..then made me wonder:

What's all the fuss about the ring? 

(It’s been a long time since I’ve read the Hobbit, but Ill piece stuff together from my multiple viewings of LOTR movies and the internet)

So here goes:

Biblo is at Bag End doing his thing. By luck and happenstance, he gets involved with an adventure and finds himself with a match-made in Middle Earth, the perfect ring. Even though Bilbo and the  ring are pretty happy together. Gollum really wants that ring  back in his life.

Gollum doesn’t know how to live a single life. His named even changed because of the ring  remember? He used to be Smeagol and now he’s Gollum. The ring is Gollum’s life. Gollum would totally be into just hanging out forever in his dirty apartment sitting on top of pizza boxes rubbing the ring forever. But, are you? (Hey, Gollum! If you liked it you should have put a ring on it! Right? A ring on a ring? Right? Get it? No?....Yeah, you do.) It appears that his goal is to badger the ring into being his again, that and of course killing whoever gets in his way and eating them like a sandwich.

So that’s pretty much any ‘romantic comedy’ right? Or at least that’s want (some, you know who you are…) lady magazines tell ladies their lives should be. Go after the ring! Your life isn’t really happening until you have the ring! Sacrifice everything in your life for the ring! The ring is everything.

Later, Bilbo is over the ring. Till death do us part comes and goes. And the ring finds a new partner….Frodo, everyone’s favorite Elijah Wood. Boy, here’s comes Gollum again, just wanting that precious. But even then, Elijah has a hard time with the ring, getting his fingers cut off and all.

Have we learned anything from Gollum? That ring obsession will only lead to a horrible death in the fire magma of Mount Doom?

So the  lesson here is, be careful of rings. They might be wonderful  but get too crazy about them and you get your fingers cut off and you fall into Mt. Doom. 

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