Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fifty Shades of Tool Shop

And afternoon surrounded by hot, sweaty tools and adhesives.  (If you've been following my Instagram feed today (I am @hmerr), you know what I am talking about. If you haven't been following my Instagram feed, you clearly are missing out on lots of important mundane images.If you don't know what Instagram is, here's a definition: Instagram is autotune for photos.If you don't know what Autotune is, here's a definition: Autotune is MSG for food.If you don't know what MSG is, here's a definition: MSG on guys, either you are too old to know what Instagram and autotune are or you are too young to know what MSG is. Unless, you are in my generation, then you know EVERYTHING.)

It all started so innocently, just cleaning and sorting....until I started getting all hot and bothered....

You know what I mean, I found..,.that's right, male hose ends.

Oooooh, still in the package...just waiting for that special someone to pop that blister pack.

For all the uses I can think of for hose ends like those, that makes me think I might need some....

Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease from LubriMatic the Lubrication Specialists.

Oh yeah. Don't worry for all this work on our hardware I brought a whole box of.....

Magnum 44 Permanent Marker for any BIG marking job, if you know what I mean.

And don't worry, I'm know it's not the size that counts. Because even small things can be hard with.......

Midget Enamel. So small, yet so enamel.

And even if I am alone, I can always crack open the jar of.....

Plastic wood. With Anti-Shrink Formula.

Oooh it's so hot, it's extremely flammable.

And dangerous.

If the tool shed is rocking, it just me and the drill press....spread out on the table saw.


Larissa T. said...

hahaha ... oh goodness!

But what's your Instagram account? Wouldn't wanna miss out now would we.. :)

Heather said...

Hi Larissa!

Thanks for enjoying the 'dirty' tools.

My Instagram is @hmerr!