Sunday, December 2, 2012

Historical Donuts: Fast Forward

Part 4 in the Historical Donuts essays fasts forward to yesterday when I was at the SuperAmerica putting super gas in my mediocre car.

I usually don't go into convenience stores, I am a 'pay at the pump' type of girl, but yesterday my car was coasting on fumes (seriously, the "Get Gas, dummy!" light was on for three days.). I stopped before rehearsal to feed my wheels. Then taking stock of my few minutes before rehearsal and my recent reflections on my lifetime told through donuts, I knew I needed a donut. At 10:30 on a Saturday morning, the only doughnuts left were the survivors of the undead morning coffee rush, which I though would be less dramatic on a weekend but that kind of outdated thinking never got anyone their pick of the donuts. So of course my beloved Bavarian Cream was sold out. Looking at the empty trays and the sole representatives crusting away on each one, I noticed there was one tray that still had number of pastries still on it.

It was the Glazed Egg Nog Filled Bismarck. Let me say that again. Glazed Egg Nog Filled Bismarck. SuperAmerica, you surprise me! This is a fancy donut. Not to say potentially super gross, but fancy!

And seasonal! Tis the season! Am I right, SA or am I right?

Now, I have never tasted Egg Nog, only out of chance not by choice. I am not opposed to nog, and with the seasonal nature of the beverage even if I was a non-nog lover, I would forget by the time the next nog season came around.

This fact, coupled with my rule of always getting the weirdest thing on the menu, meant I had to have this donut.

And 89 cents later, it was mine.

I was surprised to find it still warm, possible the containment device in the gas station had warming units it them. Perhaps, not. Not all mysteries are mine to solve.

I ate it sitting in my car. 

The truth: The Egg Nog donut tasted like a regular pudding filled donut, maybe a hint of something special. (It could be the special sauce from the man I watched taking donuts out of the case with his bare hands, then PUTTING THEM BACK IN! Bare hands are not for putting things back! Use the wax paper! That's what the wax trees died for!)

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