Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Confession Time Part 2: Secret Fantasy

Oooh, it's Confession Time again!

And now is the time I tell you all my fantasies. I don't claim for it to be unique. In fact, I know a number of people who live this fantasy every day. And others who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for this fantasy.

It all starts with pair of underwear. Mine. Maybe someone else's too, but most definitely mine. And these underwear are no longer on my body. But they have been, boy, have they been. These are dirty undies. Soiled panties if you will. And I take these undies and I toss them on to the pile of other unclean underthings, bras, swimsuit bottoms, maybe even a towel in there too.

Then in my bare feet, I step back and discover....that was my last stick of clean clothing in my home.

What ever will I do?

That's right. I will wash my clothes. I will do the laundry. Yeah, do it up right. I will throw all those stinky clothes right into a washing own washing machine....any time I want.

That's right, my fantasy is the fantasy of many. A fantasy where the amount of laundry I do is determined by my own procrastination rather than by how many quarters I have.

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