Monday, January 14, 2013

Today I realized Facebook is a waste of time.

But that doesn't mean I stopped looking at it.

I had a moment today where I was all "I wonder what Facebook is up to?" Then I clicked over there are admit the day after updates about Jodie Foster and random Instagrams of crap I discovered it. Facebook is a 100% waste of time. Now, that statistic could be modified, I know there is need in everyone's life to stalk someone through the magic of friends of friends (this is serious, I am not joking), and it's been the biggest boon for birthdays since whoever invented the idea that you get presents on them.

But for the sake of argument, Facebook is a waste of time. The miniscule moments I spend glancing at my 'feed' to learn that someone I don't really know 'likes' something I don't care about, and reading status updates that make my life feel inferior, these moments are not helping.

So today, in my groundbreaking moment, I clicked away as soon as I arrive to Wastebook. And then just sent an email. And did another thing. Both of these things were just as 'unproductive' as Facebook, but at least they were things on my to-do list. (Yes, there is an argument there about why I am putting things on my to-do list that are not productive. This is not the time for that.)

All day I stayed away from Wastebook. And I felt superior for it. I didn't feel like I was missing out. Or that I needed to know what was happening. You know why? BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENS ON FACEBOOK (aside from hilarious facebook fights and someone changing their relationship status) Facebook is a static boring place. I am thankful that at least my Facebook feed is filled with creative types promoting their shows and stuff, BECAUSE THAT IS STUFF THAT HAPPENS. Shows and stuff are things to do. Updates are just unsolicited slice of people's lives. Reading status updates are a life proxy, actually doing something is actual life. It's cheating when you stay home and just absorb other people's awesomeness. And it's cheating yourself, because no matter how many status updates you post about your food, or the wine you are drinking or how sick you are, its never going to be as cool as actually seeing that show your friend made.

However, as my procrastination set in this evening I found myself bathing in the tedium of the Facebook. Repeatedly. So much so that I was reading the same status update as the first item each time I visited the page.

So that's that. 

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