Sunday, January 13, 2013

My sappy thank you. You've been warned.

As I sit here YouTubing 2013 Golden Globe clips because my TV reception is only giving me pixelated squares of glitter and skin, I want to have an emotional thank you to the world. And just by reflecting on my weekend, here it goes.

Friday I watched a show I directed have it's first preview.
Then at noon I met with a costume designer to borrow a Martha Washington dress.
Later, I attended a professional ballroom dancing competition in which a friend performed.
Then at 9pm that night I met with a local theatre to write a play in one night.

Saturday I held the first (cross country) meeting for a new show I am writing/producing for March. Also, photo shoot at this time.
Then I met with pals to pick up and split our CSA vegetable share.
Then, I had dinner with a friend and attended the performance of the play I wrote the night before.

Sunday (today)
At 10am I met with No Rest Sunday to begin writing tonight's show.
Then I directed a different show in the afternoon.
Then I returned to watch and take part in No Rest Sunday
Now I am watching the Golden Globes as I work on my MFA homework and blog. And sometimes a cat sits on me.

But what is even more amazing, is that with all of these events and creations is that they are filled with people I enjoy, love and admire. Honestly, I am so thankful that I get to make the things I love with so many truly amazing people. Any one of these events is enough to make a great day. To have had all of them in one weekend has blown my gratitude meter off the charts.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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