Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crowdsourced Muse

What musings would you all like to hear today?



Seriously, I'm asking. I've noticed on Facebook that people do a lot of crowdsourcing. You know, the whole " I am thinking of getting a vaccum, which one is best?" or "Does anyone remember the name of the film in the late 1980's that starred Dolly Parton as a radio host?" (That movie is Straight Talk and don't you forget it.)

But then there is the lazy type of crowdsourcing like "Hmm..theology, what do you guys think about it, please include a bibliography." for those that are cleary justifiying thier time on Facebook as research for their midterm.

There's also "Wow, two workouts in 8 hours for the third day in a row, I just can't keep myself away! Who am I? How often do you guys work out?" This poster really does not want a list of how often their FB friends workout. (And if they did, that would be super creepy.) The motives behind this poster are about showing off and knowing that they are working out more than other people. 

I've tried the Facebook "ask the world post" twice. The first time, no one responded, leading me to comment on my own post "Don't all speak at once." (That's not really want I wrote, I wrote something along the lines of "well that worked" but the subtext is the same.)

The second time, I did some recommendation gathering on plays to read with specific elements. It was fun to get responses from folks I don't normally interact with (Then why are we Facebook friends?) but I felt like I was cheating by not doing the research gathering myself.

I guess my feeling is sometimes with these posts is, as they get more frequent it seems like if you ask the internet you are supposed to just get it. Whatever it is: a good restaurant, a job, a date, a title for a book. Like as long as you ask the responsiblity to do it yourself has been lifted and now the responsibility is on the seven Sarahs and fifteen Jeffs you know on Facebook.

So I am going to to try crowdsourcing right now! What do you, reader of Culture of Doing Things, want to hear more about on the blog?

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