Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013.

I wrote a check today, which is only remarkable because of the rarity in which checks are written. (Did you notice that sentence had the word 'which' in it twice? Is that ok?).

I write rent checks so that's 12 checks a year. It seems that this time of year, we always start saying things like "better start practicing [new year number] or "just a few more days to write [current year.]"

There's something to that. Is like an addtional small talk item that we only can use in a very small window of the year. We get to talk about the weather all the time but we can only talk about the year the first and last days of the year and maybe if you stretch if a day or two before and after.

But why should this wonderful conversation starter be limited so? Why can't I use it all the time? I think I will, modified of course like in April I can say 'Fifteenth time I've written 2013 on a check' (obviously that is assuming I have secured 15 items or services that I paid with checks for, if not I will substitute the correct number for 15. I am just using 15 as an example here. I clarify this because earlier in this post I stated that I write 12 checks a year at least for rent and by April I would have written 3 rent checks, because I wrote my January one in 2012.)

So that's a whole thing.

Happy 2013!

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