Friday, January 25, 2013

Facebook Fast Day #1 and Haircut Ladies!

Facebook Fast Day #1 Update:
I really wanted to look at Facebook today, but I didn't. Not looking at it was easier than I thought. I kept thinking I had all these important things to say on the FB, this coming from someone who status updates maybe 20 times a year (not including my blatant show promotion posts).

One could argue because I have the email notifications for the messages on FB that that is looking at FB. But I can read those in my email and not have to go to the site. I don't know how I survived not knowing about who ate what or which one of my friends needs attention about something.

Maybe I even gained some time today but not looking at FB. I think so.

Second thing about today:
I spent some time this evening in a room with women with well kept hair. And I mean at the salon every six weeks hair. Using deep conditioner and knowing how to use a round brush hair.

And you know who these women were?

Elementary school teachers. All with amazing hair. At the end of the day on a Friday. As they drank wine.


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