Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flashback! Feb 2010

I went on a cruise with my family over a year ago.

That is almost all that needs to be said, but I have pictures! They were taken by my mom with her digital camera and then she send the prints to me (so I have to scan them in, but one step at a time). And I am lazy.

But here's a teaser!

Port of Entry: New Orleans; Cafe Du Monde

Here is me and my brother (notice his Vince Vaughn/Norm MacDonald resemblance). I look like an angry city woman with my sugar mountain beignets.

While in the French Quarter, I realized I could use my Theatre degree to spray paint myself silver and pose near an also spray painted boombox for change (jingle change, not Obama change).

Yeah, you have to tilt your head.

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