Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fringe Friday #3: Blonde Bombshell

 Your Responsibility for Sex Failure
Produced by Vintage Remix as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Performances at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage August 4-14, 2011. Be there.

Fringe Friday #3.  A wig came in the mail today. A blonde wig. Of course, I immediately put it on. And then dressed up like Betty Draper. If you squint enough, the look works. Good thing as part of the show we are going to have the entire audience have their eyes dilated as part of the opening. It's art, who's going to argue with that?

I just lied there, we aren't going to dilated the audience's eyes. Not with chemicals. Though, I can't say that the audience won't get dilated from arousal from a such a sexy show (or such a sexy show about sex failure). eye dilation is a sign of arousal. I learned that in Junior High. 

I don't even know what character or actor is wearing this wig in the show. I just know that this wig is in the show. 

Anyway, here's what you are waiting for:

I can't show you the whole look because that would ruin the surprise. 

I lied again. 

I can't show you the whole look because my arms are only so long to take photos of myself.    

But if you look really close you can see my attempts to lighten up the color of my eyebrows.

Sorry for all the lying, instead look at theses articles.

Yeah, this show is going to be something. 

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