Friday, June 10, 2011

Fringe Friday #4: The Beginning

Heather and Mary are friends. Mary moved into a house. Heather did not. Mary found a stash of 30 1960's women's magazines in the closet of her new home. Heather did not. Mary shared her cultural archaeological find with with her friends. Everyone laughed and then Heather said, "That is a fringe show." 


Lottery ball goes in. Lottery ball comes out. 

Now, Mary and Heather made a fringe show.

The magazine that started it all:

And the article:

Sexy. Campy. Doctory. It's 1964.

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure
Created by Heather Meyer and Mary Certain
Coming to a Minnesota Fringe Festival near you
August 4-14, 2011
Minneapolis Theatre Garage


Rachel Teagle said...

I hope many people learn from your extremely educational Fringe Show. I remember coming across a pile of ladies' advice magazines in a thrift store on Lake Street and I was shocked to learn how wrong I was about everything. I hope you wear a nurse hat.

Tim Mooney said...

"Frank had just plunged her at once..." I'm not sure if I can think of a more awkward double entendre.