Friday, June 24, 2011

Fringe Friday #6: Dick Happens

Not even in real rehearsals yet and Your Responsibility for Sex Failure has drama! Offstage drama that is. we have mama drama. 

Remember last week, when I gushed about our super sweet postcards designed by Mary Certain who is also the other have of Vintage Remix, producers of this show?

Those postcards are awesome, right?

Sexy, right?

Campy, right?

Doctory, right?

It's 1964, right?


We've been sharing our postcards with the world like the sexiest kind of disease. Everyone was happy to be infect with this itch until I got this text from Mary.

Mary: The postcards offended my mom.

Heather: Is that a good or bad thing?

Then Mary sent me this email with the whole story:

I talked to my mom today to wish her happy birthday. She was okay with 
that. Then she said she had to "ask me questions" and said how offended 
she was about the postcards. She didn't have a problem with them on Sunday 
when I gave them to her or when I saw her again later in the day, but whatever. 
Then she grilled me on how she hoped I wasn't working on them at work, 
given that they were so offensive. I assured her that I had work to do at 
work and wouldn't dream of abusing that. So I was confused but said, 
"Well, you don't have to come to the show." She said she felt like she would 
probably still come to the show, being my mom, but she hoped it wasn't 
going to be very offensive. Then she said she "didn't notice at first, but 
was very upset when she noticed later." I asked her whether she was 
looking at the same postcards I was and what on earth she was talking about. She 
explained that she noticed that the woman is pointing with a penis. "With 
that crease, it's so graphic." Heather, my mom thinks Deb has a penis for a finger. I informed her that she was mistaken. Now I kind of can't wait to introduce them. And show her Deb's penis in real life. So apparently my mom is a pervert. 
I'd say yes, it's good to offend her. 


This is the best story in the whole world. Don't even try to top it. This story is the best.  And now our postcards are like collector's items like the whole Dog/Penis/Leg Debacle of the 2007 IKEA catalog!

Here's the offensive postcard. See if you can find the penis finger!!

Get your finger wang postcard before it's too late!

*Vintage Remix is not responsible for offending people with actual penis fingers, sorry Edward Penishands.

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure 
MN Fringe Festival
Minneapolis Theatre Garage
Aug 4-14, 2011

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