Friday, April 30, 2010

Co-Habitation at First Sight.

As soon as I entered the room, I couldn't believe how cute he was. I was staring. He was so handsome! I don't think he saw me, which I am thankful for because I looked like an idiot with my mouth hanging open. I thought he looked at me once and I did an awkward wave thing. What was I thinking? Why was I waving? He doesn't know me! What would a wave mean? Stupid me. But I am pretty sure he didn't see me. 

But I couldn't stop thinking about him.

So I went back four days later to see if he was there again. I just wanted to see if he was there again. I my goal was to be casual and non-desperate. And I was working "on top of mind" awareness, like in a 'Hey there, I am here and I am smiling at you" kind of way.  I was on a tight schedule but I thought that would help me avoid a long awkward interaction but give me enough time to say hello and introduce myself and maybe get the ball rolling.

It totally worked. It was kind of like a first date. He has a really deep voice, it was unexpected but very attractive. We have a lot in common. We are both curious, at ease with new people and fun. He has really great green eyes and some gray hair, which I like. Before I left a friend of his gave me his contact information. I didn't know what to do with it, I wasn't usually that forward and I wasn't super sure I wanted to go through with it. 

But three days later, I went back again. We made eye contact and I learned that a lot of people were interested in him but some girls though he was too fat and old. 

So I asked him to move in with me. It was totally spontaneous. One second I was editing a film project the next I was on the phone with my landlord approving the new roommate.

I never expected it to happen this fast. I mean, I had only known him a week and a half. We had had two 'dates." I didn't even know his health history! And now he was in my bed! 

And he's already so comfortable that he pees with the door open. 

Romance is dead. 

And he totally hogs the bed. 

He's still pretty cute. 

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PropTart said...

!!!! The best intro to a love story I have ever heard.