Sunday, April 18, 2010

How dress for a Fashion Show or How I did not get kicked out of Voltage

How to dress for a fashion show:

Lesson #1: There are no mistakes. Seriously. Fashionistas are all about risks, so wearing blue painter's tape and a tiara will make you fit in.

Lesson #2: If you want to blend in wear black. If you want to stand out wear ANY OTHER COLOR! I wore color and stripes, meow. The dress I wore I recently purchased off of a new and awesome Etsy shop Orange, blue, white and stripes. Yes, I was there.

Lesson #3: Make sure something you are wearing is questionable. To accompany my sporty, striped halter dress, I decided to be a earth mother and  I piled on most of my turquoise jewelry: huge sunburst cuff from my mom, giant ring from my grandmother and and the strands and strands of fake turquoise that I bought for .50 at a garage sale in North Dakota. Most of the comments were on my giant fake necklace.


And take that jacket off and make a modely face!!

I wore the necklace mainly because the neckline of my dress was oh-so-very-daring and since I couldn't get the double-stick fashion tape to work, I needed something to cover my not-so-grand Tetons. The necklace worked pretty well for this, sure if I bent over enough people could see thing but I figured if they were trying that hard to see some sweet A-cups they deserved it.

I wore black tights because I felt too naked, the tights chosen out of function not fashion (but it looked like fashion.) And the boots, I could walk in them that is why I choose those.

Denim jacket? Yep, for the weather.

And that cool hairdo? Just bend over and hairspray your hair and done!

Here is Naomi! She was much more fashiony.

Nice work! The Vita.MN photographers were very excited about her, so she's now famous!


Naomi said...

1. Denim shirt? Yeah, denim shirt.
2. Magenta skirt. (black tights, but it's hard to make those things blend in no matter what color they're covered in)
3. I am not 100% sure that my ass was 100% covered.
Plus, secret fashion lesson #4: Leave one more button un-buttoned than you normally would. Congratulations, now you have cleavage!

We are pretty awesome at being fashionistas.

Rachel Teagle said...

I too wish to comment on your big fake necklace, although just for your information, it does not technically count as a shirt, despite it covering much of your questionable bits. Go fashionista heather go!