Friday, April 2, 2010

Lights, Camera...Ladies, where's my car? or Bring unto me photos of my face

Once upon a time
in December 2009,
On a cool and frigid Friday  
things were going my way.
New photos of my face
taken at Cadence's studio place!

I drove to the studio amused
the parking was a bit confused,
because it was indeed day three
of the first snow emergency.

Camera flash and smile bright,    
we ended the session for the night.
Once outside, I look for my car,
empty street on the side that I par(k)

One curbside so empty, not one is left
except for a large taxi to help the bereft.
I can't see my car and I having a ride not
must spend my eve at the Mpls impound lot

"You need a taxi?" Squeeked a woman
sitting in her car as on out-of-place omen.        
"Look right there." She points across,
And I walk over feeling my auto loss.                                                  

The taxi-man pulls his cab forward to meet
me as I walk across the plowed street.
The six inches ahead he has moved,
reveals that my fears are soothed.
With a trick of the eye and odd forced perception,
my car had been hidden by the cab's full extension.
"No cab for me." I cooly and sheepishly explain,
just as I hear Cadence and Micheala's laughter in exclaim.

I laughed in the street and they did too,
impressed at what my conclusions could jump to.
The moral of the poem is if you car is what you don't see
it's only because the view is blocked by a taxi.


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