Sunday, April 4, 2010

Uptown Easter! A Photo Essay...and words, I guess you can come too.

Detective Heather.
Objective: Find Easter

There I am! Easter must include a festive dress. So this is my wool dress from the now disappeared Lava Lounge (kudos to Mary C. for making me get it), denim jacket from Steph B. and those are my comedy shoes (that is what you wear to make comedy, closed-toe shoes).

Here's what I found:

You can't bake an Easter without cracking a few eggs! At least these were hard boiled. I wanted to eat them, but they already had a hard time today. 

And you can't have Easter without......


Get it? The whole dying and coming back to life thing? It's just compost.
But if that metaphor still eludes you, how about this:

Death! Zombie Easter Christ Face! I bet Jesus was way better looking that this, though, he was only dead three days and he had divinity on his side, that's gotta have some great stylist contacts. This motorcycle was clearly dead for months or at least long enough for the flesh to pull away from the bone like award-winning barbeque before it re-animated itself. 

And the final sign of Easter:

My own personal stigmata! Take that Minneapolis. You're bleeding blue paint from your light posts, the sign of the second coming! 

I didn't really tag the post, it was already there.
But it is my initials. 

Maybe I've been sleep walking.
Why is there blue paint on my hands?

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Rachel Teagle said...

I too have comedy shoes. one should never attempt comedy in open toed shoes, you will get squished.
I saw a show at Hotlanta's Brave New Workshop-equivalent. They had a squirt gun shaped like a genitalia and a person sized squid puppet. I thought of you.