Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to Fashion show: Part 2: What to do after you are dressed.

The doors to 1st Avenue opened at 8pm. We arrived at at 7:15pm to a line of three jeans and winter-coat clad Minnesotans. We thought we might have been in the wrong line, did you see what we were wearing? (Scroll down to the previous blog if you didn't). But maybe they were going to get tickets and then go change into something spectacular, what do I know? I am a pretend fashionista. We wait ten minutes and watch the eager Twins fans try to find there way to the new Twins stadium. They all stare at us (again, hello short skirts in magenta and orange stripe!). I finally found out from the winter-weather prepared co-line waiters that tickets are being sold until 8pm. Then why were we in line?

So where to fashionistas go to before the biggest event of Minnesota Fashion Week?

The Hard Rock Cafe, of course.

On our way there, some lost Twins fans ask us how to get to the new stadium. Here is the script, read it along with friends:

Mid-Forties Blond Woman:
Where is the Twins game?

Me in orange mini-dress:
I saw a lot of people in Twins shirts go that way. (pointing west)

Mid-Forties Blond Woman in Black V-Neck Sweater:
How do you get there?

Me in orange mini-dress and turquoise jewelry:
 I would just follow those other groups of people in Twins shirts.

Mid-Forties Blond Woman in Black V-Neck Sweater and diamond earrings:
But how do you get there?

Me in orange mini-dress, turquoise jewelry and major eyeliner:
I don't know, I am not going there.
(Gestures to outfit)

Woman wanders away to ask the traffic cop, he waves her off, or he might have been waving traffic through.

Lesson learned: Everyone assumes you are going to the Twins game. Even when dressed like fancy hookers. Wait, my fault, everyone should have been assuming we were going to the Twins game.

Hard Rock Cafe it is.

Yes, they still exist and they still try to sell you T-shirts. We were very fancy with out potato skins and tall drinks. Most fashiony.

We finally got to the show, ticketed it up and Naomi got her photo taken by the Vita.MN crew. (check it out

This is the photo I took of Naomi!

The CityPages took our photo, but only after we signed up to win Lady Gaga tickets. And I am pretty sure the photographer tells everyone she likes their outfits. 

We knew somebody there! Madde! We felt cool. The we visited the restroom as fashionable women do. I accosted a designer I sort of knew! She remembered me, I liked her stuff SilverCocoon (, really cool felt accessories, I want one of the giant bracelets!

Then the show started. 

BlueSky Blackout was the first band and I liked them the most. The fashions were..fashions. I don't know anything about fashions so I will just call them like I see them. I thought the first show was called "I am a skinny vampire" followed by "GARDENING" and then I couldn't see anything so I found the live Twitter feed monitor and spent the next two collections getting my tweets and fashion tips on the big screen. Then I saw the one with the hats, but since I could only see the models from the neck up I will call it "Hat Party 2010." We soon found were some 'fashiony" girls were sitting but could only see there behinds when the kneeled on their chairs so the rest of the show was "Back of Slacks and Heels."

Then we got bored and left. 

And went to Cold Stone Creamery and got smoothies. We should have gotten ice cream but smoothies seemed more fashiony. 

Voltage: Fashon Amplified.  Done. 

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