Sunday, August 23, 2009

Urban Bean

I think the Urban Bean girl thinks I am cheap.

I ordered my expected Chair Tea (by the way Urban Bean also has the Oregon Chai Green Tea which is also excellent) and as she turned to make my delciousness I saw that the totally was $3.90. Luckily, I had five actual dollars. Ok, I say to myself, four of these dollars will pay for chai and one will be tip. Why am I holding this money like a fan like this? I don't need her to see me put the dollar in the tip jar for me to know I tipped her. So I put the dollar in the mug, I did put it in lightly so it looked like it was just recently placed and gravity hadn't pulled into down into the depths of the coins. When she returned with my tea, she I gave her the four dollars and she gave me my ten cents back, I also dropped that into the tip mug. She saw that. So she knows I tip annoying coins, but she doesn't know that I gave her a dollar when she wasn't looking.

And then I went into the back room I had never sat in before and it became laptop station and everyone it there had the reusable mugs. I had the disposable cup, with lid and straw! I am the outcast. Most people in here are in their pajamas too. Or old and very wide with ice. 

Me, always the stand out.

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