Wednesday, August 26, 2009

letter to blog

Hi Blog!

Look at you! You are here on the internet. Out in the big wide world. Are you making friends? You don't seem to write home often, or at all. I send you letters. Do you get them? Did you like the cookies I made for you? It is important that I send you cookies. You don't have to eat them. Obviously, I would like you to eat them. But I understand if you don't.  I just make the kind that come in the bag, pre-portioned and pre-frozen and all I do is shake them out on a baking sheet and cook them like fish sticks. But I make them for you. The whole time I am getting the bag out of the freezer and tearing the plastic open and dumping them out I am thinking, "Blog is going to love these cookies so much. She will be so delighted and think of me each time she eats one of these individually loved cookies." 

I am proud of you blog. For going out there with all those other blogs. There are a lot of blogs out there, I know you probably feel lost in the shuffle. But I know you are there. I think of you and write to you. You are important to me. You are just fine, blog.

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