Saturday, August 1, 2009

on the beeten path

Secret Discovery or why am I always dressed askew?

I was apartment shopping in my favorite neighborhood. I was feeling good and looking odd. But still feeling good. Maybe I don't mesh with purple. Maybe it was the DJ root vegetable. But still I trotted along, judging apartment buildings by their front doors. I found a brick building that almost made me smile, it was OK. I wrote the number down and left a repetitious message. But then I saw a little sign in the road that said-Zinnia, fine folk arts of Mexico-open Fri and Sat. That seemed like something I wanted to check out, but my purple garden dance party t-shirt prevented me. I thought, why am I not dressed like the artsy-fartsy adult that I pretend to be, why I am dressed like an gangly prairie teenager right now? I debated to myself as I pranced purple-ly down the sidewalk. By the time I had circled the block I saw the sign again and saw that five people were inside the infrequently opened boutique, I decide they would rather have  spontaneous purple me in a T-shirt than no one, so I went in. Everyone was beautiful inside. The woman at the register was very friendly and the items inside were exquisite, fun and gorgeous. I had to fight the urge to buy something to prove that I could be in there. I did not need to overcompensate for my novelty tee, but I really wanted to. I forced myself to to take my time and explore the space(not in a theater way though). The ladies encouraged me to sign up for the mailing list and then assumed I was a school teacher. My t-shirt was super purple and had a beet wearing head phones at a turntable and said "Mixing Beets" obviously I was a school teacher.

All this talk to really just say, I discovered Zinnia Folk Arts( It was great. 

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