Wednesday, August 19, 2009



That is all I can say.


Who else walks into a Caribou Coffee right after a 90 min Bikram yoga class, swiftly showered and immediately turns heads. 

And then is approached by an adoring fan, oohhing and ahhing over my sunglasses that aare perched atop my nested (non-showered) sweaty sticky hair. 

And I totally upped the coolness factor when I said they were $12 from a gas station. In North Dakota. 

And my fan assured me they looked nothing like a pair from a gas station. She kept talking about them. I kept looking and her one long tooth. She was smartly dressed, I am half dressed in this new shirt I bought that is lopsided (not on purpose) and braless. 

I also kept thinking, "how is this going to end?" Should I introduce myself? Are we friends now? 

Then my 20 oz of Chai tea showed up.

Saved my the chai.



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