Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's about time I said something about the yogurt

I am getting so annoyed at single serving yogurt.

Yoplait cups are conical. Hasn't anyone noticed that? You can't get all the yogurt out of it because of the shape! The ridge at the top holds and hides the sweet, frosting gurt from the reach of your spoon. This causes the single serving yogurt consumer to dig around the smooth non-cylinder. You cannot dig on a smooth non-porous surface! You can't do it! All it does is scratch and scrape at nothing. This is no way to live a life! Pawing at a impenetrable layer(some may say that is my heart, TANGENT! and bad joke alert) They scrape and drag the spoon attempting to get the last bits of the chunky-strawberry, Boston creme, football flavored gurt that eludes them. Yogurt should be served in pudding cups, wide enough to get it all and wide enough to stick your face in it if you insist on eating every last bit of gurt.

Man, I hate single serving size yogurt.

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