Saturday, August 22, 2009


Filled with metaphors.

Had my Lasik Eye Enhancement yesterday. Wasn't nearly as pleasant as the first time, a little bit Clockwork Orangey, unpleasant, but coming out the other side was amazing. I can see clearly for the first time sine January (metaphor alert). I am stunned at the details I can see, like a vampire's eyes (or so I've heard).  I feel awake. I still wear my space goggles at night and yesterday was a pretty uncomfortable five hours. When I finally decided to open my eyes I was a little nervous. I was afraid the flap would open up with my eyelids. I remember them painting it down after the laser happened. Weird. The eye doctor's were supposed to call me yesterday to see how I was doing. The didn't I even gave them the right number. I supposed it was too late, but I was ready. Turns out nobody called to check on me. I didn't tell my mom I was having the surgery done yesterday, won't she be surprised. It was kind of a last minute decision but I was still hoping I had slept through the phone. The best part of Lasik Eye surgery was listening to the Amanda and Brooke Radio show. It was pretty great. I also was sleepy on Valium. And walking like a drunk person. I didn't remember doing that last time but last time it was a quicker ride home and I had Wendy's this time I was in the car longer and on my Valium feet more so it was super fun getting to the futon. Weeee!!!!

In optimism there is magic.

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