Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fringe Friday #11: It's totally Fringe

Friday Friday #11: It totally fringe.

I missed posting last Friday because I was in a wedding in North Dakota. A different kind of madness.

But today is the first day of fringe. It is happening. There is no stopping it. We at Your Responsibility for Sex Failure wish every one a Merry Christmas. I mean, Jolly Good Fringe Times.

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure opens tomorrow at 7pm at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage. On Lyndale and Franklin. Across the street from Rudoph's, in Uptown, where moto-i as Fringe Central is. You have no excuse not to go.

Look at this: Show Trailer!

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure (Trailer) from Amber Johnson on Vimeo.

Did you already see this:

Our Fringe-for-All Preview!

See you later!

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